Dear friends,

as we were forced to temporarily close our hotel, faces unprecedented challenges due to Covid-19 but we are nevertheless looking forward when you, as our future guest, will be able to step out again and meet us.

It is our aim to reopen as soon as it is safe for our staff, guest and community and we are now taking a moment to reflect how we can improve the experience and spirit of , taking into consideration how this pandemic has affected our perceptions of life and travel in particular.

In order for us to recover from this disaster and stay afloat while no one is traveling and to support your favorite hotel, we created:


offers ‘Book Now, Travel Later’ certificates where you can purchase $100 vouchers to redeem for a later stay at $150 each. The certificate can be redeemed any time after Oct 1, 2020, valid for 3 years after that.

If you would like to give the certificate as a gift, great idea. The certificate can be redeemed by the holder of the certificate code ID.

Purchase vouchers now in increments of $100. Once you are ready to book a stay at a later date, and after Oct 1,2020, you’ll receive a value of $150 for every $100 spent.

The Buy Now, Stay Later initiative is meant to help our hotel to support staff, our community and everyone who keeps the hotel running. Your money will go farther and be put to even better use.

Please contact Kris at Reservations or call +1800.211.9316 to make this happen.

Thank you for your continued support during these times. We look forward to creating new memories with you here at .

From all of us here, stay save.
April 2020