is a small boutique hotel in Mexico, located in a very remote location only reachable by boat from Puerto Vallarta.

Our staff deals with our upscale clients on a very personal level and needs to be committed to going the extra mile to deliver outstanding and excellent service on a daily basis.

We still have positions available including Chefs | Waiters | Bartender | Front desk | Spa Therapists | Activities.

For all positions, we only accept applicants with at least 3 years in their field. Bilingual in English & Spanish.

Each applicant has to be aware of our remote and somewhat isolated location from the civilized world. They need to be willing to live in the jungle and work mostly outdoors. Experience with that kind of environment will definitely help.

How to Apply
If you meet all of the above qualifications & requirements, please send an email with resume and photograph. Your background needs to reflect all of the above-mentioned qualities in addition to a history of working in remote locations.

Resume and picture by email to: